Monday, May 11, 2009

Jake is 3!!!!

Happy Birthday to a very crazy boy. We had a family party for Jake at one of the sprinkler parks near our house. It was a lot of fun. He asked for an Optumis Prime Transformer cake so here is what he got. Please do not look close it was a long day and the cake got brunt of the damage.After we had Pizza and cake, and opened gifts Jake decieded to run throu the water some more. When he was done he was shivering so bad but still smiling. I love watching him play, he is all BOY. He is the one in the middle black shorts that go to his ankles.

This was him running over to me screaming and having a blast I just loved this picture.

Happy Birthday to my little boy who is growing up way to fast. I can't beleive that you are 3 years old. You have so much energy and spunk and even if I threaten to duck tape you to the top of the car I love you so much and would never really trade you in. Thanks for being my very loveable little boy.
Mom Loves you very much.

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